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ICQ Invisible-Check

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Miranda IMMiranda IM Pluginversion 0.3
FirefoxIE7Firefox/IE7 Search Plugin

Here you can quickly and anonymously find out the real status of any ICQ number.

  • Invisible mode will be detected for sure only if the number is being used on TrillianTrillian or Miranda IMMiranda IM client up to version 0.6.8, as well as the old versions of the official ICQ (up to ICQ 5.1ICQ 5.1).
  • You can check QIPQIP, ICQ 6ICQ 6 or any other client by choosing a different check method from the menu on the left.
  • QIP InfiumQIP Infium will be disclosed if the basic status is one of the visible states and the private status is Invisible (or visible not for all).

If the user is online, the Invisible-check will be skipped.

News and stats: the last news is 08.02.2015, the service uptime is 100% in the last hour.

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Idea and development by kanicq